Back In This Biz – Teaching Drama This Weekend

I’m back to my campus ways this weekend teaching and doing drama and choreography. I must say it is not a listed interest here on 360 but it sure is a major thing in my life.

I like drama cause it is a great way to express one’s self and also to be who you are not. I dont think I’ll be pursuing any major acting career but I sure am gonna be doing this for quite some time at least till I’m out of school.

Choreography on the other hand will always come second, cause I find it difficult to come up with new moves easily. My brother on the other hand is a wiz at that stuff. He oughtta get a job with that talent of his.

And so the whole world knows, one of my major role models in the acting business is . . . . . . .

Okay I’ll share, Jim Carrey (did I spell that right), never mind that? He is absolutely ingeneous when it comes to acting (comedy especially), not sure about his real life though. But on the silver screen he is alright.

That should do it for this entry. I’m outta here, my class awaits!

How Many People Comment REAL Application Code

Recently I posted this question to the Sun Java Forums and boy did I get responses from the greats in there. I have come to learn that it is not just a good idea to comment code but it is also a very good idea to document them, in this case for java users, Javadoc them.

It was such a great learning curve for me, especially even learning about something called, Literate Programming, where the code is the comment. (Go figure or search). But the bottom line here to all programmers is to comment your code, especially when someone else will be using it. Heck, forget someone else, think about when you will be using it later. How many times have you looked at some old code and wondered “What the heck was I thinking?”

So all in all, here is some great advice for all you beginners and intermediate coders out there, “Make Code Commenting A Habit”, else in the future you just might regret it.

Here’s the original post to the forum:

Have a great day, Oh and today’s my Dad’s birthday, best wishes to him!

Anti Viruses and The Holy Spirit

This morning on my way to class as usual, I sort of started thinking about the internet and how much I had began to enjoy it over the last couple of weeks. Then my mind went back a few weeks when I first got my internet working and how I had to get my system up to speed with the world, from microsoft updates to software updates and then to the best of all, Anti-Virus Definition updates. It is like a constant thing we internet users have become used to doing and most people do not even realise they do it cause they tend to automated these updates.

But then I started thinking and comparing this human body of ours to a computer. We got a CPU (brain), Power Pack (heart), Hard Disks (partitioned of course, aka brain), a recycle bin (you know where) and so much more. Then I realised that just like a computer we also can get sick, infected and slow and hence need to be disinfected. So we also need anti-viruses. But what kind of viruses do we get? Then answer to that is simple. Flu, Malaria, Cholera, etc. These can be likened to the ordinary WS.Jeefo and WS.Tufei viruses, deadly but easily cleanable.  Some camoquine, artesunate and asperin should do the trick. But my favourite kind of malware would be the adware and spyware kind of infestations.

Imagine the number of times you have had some sort of lusty or suggestive thought that could lead you to do something you know you aint supposed to. That I would call Adware cum Spyware  if I ever saw one. If you go through with it, the supplying company knows you are gullible and gets to know your habits as well. Then they start sending you more and more until you either become addicted or fed up. Standard practice.

So it dawned on me to think, what anti-virus is available for such a malware infestation. Immediately, the bulb lit up in my head. You guessed it. The Holy Spirit. He is the only one who I know personally that acts a one-stop-shop with all the anti-viruses, firewalls, adware and spyware removal tools for humans. But I realised that He sometimes seems to be faulty. Not because he doesn’t work right, but because we do not supply him with daily updates.

When Christ left the world, He did not leave us alone, but sent along the Comforter so we never have to alone. Hence, if we do not keep him updated through daily prayer and bible study, he will still be around but will not be of much help to us. Keep that in mind and get yourself some Spirit Virus Update right NOW!!!

A Bible and a direct line to heaven are readily available to you. Make the effort, download your daily updates immediately.