Entry for July 15, 2006

Here’s is my first blog entry and I’m loving it.

Not much to say now, but I know in the future there should be some great java related issues posted here.

Stay Blessed Ma Peeps.


One thought on “Entry for July 15, 2006

  1. hey friend Pop By and check out my place whenever you feel like it, I am constantly adding new software to my freeware site and you can go there download all you want!

    I have a Ghanian friend but don’t see him much now as i don’t work for the same company as him anymore, His name Is Ben Eshun, A very polite, nice young man! He taught me a few things, which led me to want to learn more about computers, until i met ben i had no idea what a macro was or could be made to do, It completely changed how i thought about spreadsheets etc!
    Well keep in touch, and stay blessed yaself!

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