How Many People Comment REAL Application Code

Recently I posted this question to the Sun Java Forums and boy did I get responses from the greats in there. I have come to learn that it is not just a good idea to comment code but it is also a very good idea to document them, in this case for java users, Javadoc them.

It was such a great learning curve for me, especially even learning about something called, Literate Programming, where the code is the comment. (Go figure or search). But the bottom line here to all programmers is to comment your code, especially when someone else will be using it. Heck, forget someone else, think about when you will be using it later. How many times have you looked at some old code and wondered “What the heck was I thinking?”

So all in all, here is some great advice for all you beginners and intermediate coders out there, “Make Code Commenting A Habit”, else in the future you just might regret it.

Here’s the original post to the forum:

Have a great day, Oh and today’s my Dad’s birthday, best wishes to him!


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