Back In This Biz – Teaching Drama This Weekend

I’m back to my campus ways this weekend teaching and doing drama and choreography. I must say it is not a listed interest here on 360 but it sure is a major thing in my life.

I like drama cause it is a great way to express one’s self and also to be who you are not. I dont think I’ll be pursuing any major acting career but I sure am gonna be doing this for quite some time at least till I’m out of school.

Choreography on the other hand will always come second, cause I find it difficult to come up with new moves easily. My brother on the other hand is a wiz at that stuff. He oughtta get a job with that talent of his.

And so the whole world knows, one of my major role models in the acting business is . . . . . . .

Okay I’ll share, Jim Carrey (did I spell that right), never mind that? He is absolutely ingeneous when it comes to acting (comedy especially), not sure about his real life though. But on the silver screen he is alright.

That should do it for this entry. I’m outta here, my class awaits!


2 thoughts on “Back In This Biz – Teaching Drama This Weekend

  1. I agree Jim Carey is real class i mliked him from stuff like “The Mask”,”Ace ventura” “Cable guy” and “Fun with Dick and Jane” not forgetting “Bruce Almighty” and a few others too, he always makes me laugh, I’ve never seen the truman show yet though and want to watch it, I guess i should go search out the DVD and watch it but i think it was a bad copy!

    I didn’t know you did drama and choreography so you learn about people every day!

    Take care Francis and talk to ya soon,

    “All we are saying is give peace a chance”

  2. Hope you didnt think I was just a geeky young man trying to become the next Bill Gates did you?

    I do meet people everyday, but the drama groups I belong to are mostly church based so the people are not too new, but the sure are a lot of fun to hang out with; especiall the very little kids. They are a blast!

    So long, and make sure to stay fit physically this weekend!

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