Sadly, I Must Go

All to soon my summer vacation has come to an end and I with deep sadness must return to campus to start another year of gruling academics persuits and all the stuff. It sad that I never really had much time to blog as I would expect (my hat’s off to guys like Markie who make it seem easy). My main aim of starting this blog was also not really fulfilled and that adds to my sadness even more. There was just too much stuff to deal with whenever I was online.

But I take comfort in the fact that I will be meeting friends, roommates and more, and all the fun and games will start again. This year I hope to make a difference academically and I pray it will go well.

There will also be the occasional drama activities and a whole lot more beauruecracy to deal with in the leadership aspect but those are the things that make the world go round. It will be fun I know and the stress, oh the stress. I can just imagine.

This then will end this blog entry, which may well be my last for a long time to come, since I will not have an active internet connection whiles on campus but there will always be the cafes and you never know, I just might pop in here to see what’s happening.

Have a good one ya’ll and stay blessed in every aspect of life.