Having Fun At School

It feeels nice to get the chance to blog once in a while. This id from the land of KNUST where I am currently undergoing more stress than  I imagined would be awaiting me this semester. I know I should have prepared in one way or the other for the semester but I sort of caught me  off guard.

School is going well although last semester’s results were not soo good. But I give thanks to God all the same. I know I will get back to this blog sometime in this week. I hope I have somethig more to say by then.

Hey Markie, if your read this, then it is just to say HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!.

Stay blessed outside my world.


One thought on “Having Fun At School

  1. Hey Bud i hope it all goes well this term! Don’t let yourself get too stressed mate i went through a particularly bad spell of stress while i was ill, I give thanks to god for giving me the courage and strength i needed to come through it and to my friends for being there for me!
    last semesters frades weren’t so hot but hey all that means is you need to concentrate a little more this term and dont let yourself get so easily distracted!
    Peace be with you brother!

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