A Very Quite Christmas

For once in my entire two decades plus one years on this earth, I have had a relatively quite Chirstmas period. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a sad moment but a moment of reflection to have a quite Christmas for a change. No loud parties, no visitors, no unnecessary outtings and extended family get togethers. It always seems to be too much, and this year it has been different.

The reason is simply cause my parents arent around this year. They travelled to the states for some well deserved RnR and also to catch up on old times (I believe). So this year, its more like Home Alone for moi, except I’m not alone, I got brothers and sisters around, and strangely, just like moi, they aint into serious partying.

So this is how I bring this year to an end, with a last post and some hopeful resolutions for the coming year. I dont expect too many big changes in the coming year, unless God decides to bring them my way and I accept. All in all, I think 2007 will not be too different from this one for moi. If things do go haywire or extremely well, I’ll be sure to make a post about it next year. For now, its good bye to 2006 and good night to all.