Back For The Break

Finally I’m home, good redince to school (FOR NOW). I’m glad to be back home and online again, although just for a short while this week, since my net connection is down. But no fears, things will be fixed soon so I can post some more stuff here.

I got lots more code to post on my website, several files have been tweaked an updated. Will give comments on those and much more when I can blog again. Till then I’ll keep it simple.

To all my 360 friends, I have been keeping track of your posts by mobile browsing, via the ever popular Opera Mini. Just that it is way too difficult to write comprehensive messages when using my phone to browse, so atleast I’m quite informed as to what has been happening around.

Top blogger on my friends list = Markie. (Who else, or my other friends are either in school or just don’t love the net as much). This will change soon I hope.

Some say I don’t have a life, but I say life is what you make it with God’s help. He places us where we are so we can impact lives as HE sees fit. So atleast, this is my contribution to the world around me. Okay enough talking, I’ve almost run out of time.

I’ll BE BACK!!!!!!