A Time To Blog

This definately feels like one. I have been home for quite some time now however, I haven’t done this much.

As I sit here it is almost 6am and I have been up all night again. I need to be shot. A programmers life can be upside down at times. I wish I knew a better way around all this drudggery.

However, it is not all bad. Just this past week in the land of Java, I managed to take a wack at creating some Windows Vista Like Features into my applications. I tell you, one must give credit to the coders at Microsoft and those that work for them. These new UIs are something more than eye candy. And to try implementing, that is when one begins to appreciate them. Atleast, one down, several more to go. I be sure to make a post about it when it is good and ready to share.

I was thinking of getting employed as a Security Guard when complete school. At least then I can stay up all night without worrying about the next day, and do all the coding I need to with those ackward hours. I’ll be sure to think this through before making a leap. Would want my parents hard earned investment into Aerospace to go to waste.

Till later blog world.