Trust Apple To Make A Mark

I recently downloaded and installed Safari 4 beta and once again I was reminded of why Apple is Apple. Trust them to put in all the UI goodness that is imaginably possibly at the time of coding.

With their new Top Sites section, we users are bound to have some fun with graphics along side functionality. The use of ITunes type page flips for their History section makes browsing through visited pages a fun task. It even has search functionality. Way Cool! I can see Safari 4 winning back a few of its lost followers with these new additions. And on top of it all, Safari 4 hits a cool 100/100 on the Acid3 Test.

I guess I can safely say for now that in order of preference, my favourite browsers are Opera 10, Safari 4, Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3. You can hate me for placing Firefox last, but I think on the usuabilty side, plus raw aesthetics with plugins, all the other browser beat Firefox hands downs.

So now I dare you, download Safari 4 beta and dont look back!