My Latest App Takes Wings

Membership Manager Plus V3 (Start Page)I’ve just deployed my latest application, a re-make of my previous application. It’s basically an organisation administration application, with all the basics of Member Data collections (with biometric and webcam support).

Membership Manager Plus V3 (Start Page)

The application was originally written in Java 1.5 using a flat file db (shucks was I young) and looked quite good then. But now, re-written using features of Java 1.6 (oh I love SwingWorker), using the Netbeans IDE, the application is now backed with a Java DB database running in network mode, with the help of the Java Persistence API, a bit of SwingX and some of my own Java2D magic.

Also available in this new version, is the addition of Payroll Management features, so that an organisation created in the application can choose to either manage staff / member payroll or do the normal thing and just collect and manage data, print reports, etc.

I’m yet to fully integrate JFreeChart and Jasper Reports to make the application really tingle, but until then I guess this app is set to rock. May be one day, I’ll open source.

Update 1 (16/07/2009)

JFreeChart has now been, integrated as well as a bear bones structure for Jasper Reports. But currently, I’m battling severe issues with performance with respect to the large number query results when using JPA. I guess I have to switch to direct JDBC queries to improve performance, but that means I have to seriously rework the data display tables and models. More work on the horizon, and no sleep for the weary.

Update 2 (12/10/2009)

Performance problems have long been solved, I have even moved the application code base to version 3.5, which included some hefty database alteration and a whole lot of JPA Entity class re-creation. However, thanks to Netbeans the Entity class re-creation was simple, however, there was a whole lot broken code which took me at least 3 days to fix. I’m currently using Subversion for code management, so that has enabled the branching of the code base to also be a simple task. I’m hoping to spice up the UI a bit for version 3.5, and hopefully, bring a whole new look in version 4.0. When I do, I’ll be sure to post some screen shots.

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3 thoughts on “My Latest App Takes Wings

  1. Very Cool …. Thanks for letting us know about this … Note that we usually put a space between the “Java” and the “DB” in “Java DB” … Please write more about your app and its functionality and how you’ve been using Java DB … and give us feedback … 🙂 … Our team takes bug reports and other JIRA issues posted on the Apache Derby web site pretty seriously … !

    1. Unfortunately it is not. And I had not worked on it much since Sun announced JavaFX back then, but I guess I will be getting back to it now that there is renewed interest in the core Swing Platform by Oracle.

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