My Wish List For Dreamweaver CS5 – Reviewed

In my last post, I briefly made some suggestions as to some of the features I would like to see incorporated into Dreamweaver CS5 in order to make it an even more killer application than it is right now. I have now managed to throughly use Dreamweaver CS4 and would like to post my reviewed wish list for CS5.

PHP Support.

Dreamweaver CS4’s PHP Support has always been good, but far below expectations. Currently, Dreamweaver has some good code generation for PHP when it come to developing applications. It generates appreciable code for SQL SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE with appreciable PHP code for accessing the recordset generated. It supports dynamically generated tables and lists using the generated recordset which makes it very useful for building simple applications. Continue reading “My Wish List For Dreamweaver CS5 – Reviewed”

Would the Swing Team Consider?

I’m not one for official things, as I guess several people in the IT industry are so I have not bothered to proceed with the paper work on something I have been considering.
Down over the Sun Java Forum ( I posted a question recently about the Motif Look and Feel implementation in Java. Basically, I was wondering whether the Swing Team would consider removing it from the JRE Distribution and probably making a separate JAR download perhaps (or removing it completely in my opinion)

Continue reading “Would the Swing Team Consider?”