Microsoft Bing vs Google Search (Results Comparison)

Okay the title is a bit deceptive I know. This is not actually some well planned and detailed search result analysis, so don’t get your hopes up. Anyways, I have been monitoring the statistics for this blog over the past month and I have been seeing some interesting I thought I would like to share. Basically, my blog has been receiving a fair amount of traffic from search engines every week, and the bulk of the traffic seems to end up on my post about My Wish List For Dreamweaver CS5 – Reviewed. Most of the page hits came from search results for the following terms, “Dreamweaver CS5”, “Code Completion” and “Dreamweaver CS5 PHP”. Most of my other blog post received minor traffic, so I decided to find out who was sending me all these visitors.My natural inclination was to go to Google (what???, they are a house hold name), and lo and behold, after a simple search for “Dreamweaver CS5”, I found the blog post on the third page (the first time). The last time I did the search, the post was in the top 10 list, and steadily climbing. (I wonder if it will ever be number 1).

Having seen this, I naturally decided to check the next big name in search in most recent times, Microsoft Bing. I did the same search for Dreamweaver CS5, and lo and behold…. nada, zip, zilch for the first 5 pages. I gave up at that point and drew my conclusions from there. Basically, I concluded that Google has a better result set than that provided by Bing (atleast for now, the future can change). I also tried Ask and Yahoo, and had similar results as Bing.

From what I can tell, Google search tends to produce results from the major Internet sites (such as WordPress, Yahoo, BBC, CNN, etc) first before considering other possibilities. Secondly, it tends to rank results based on relevance determined via the number of clicks on the particular result, so the more people click on the page, the more relevant the search engine considers the result. Then lastly, I guess it uses it own internal placement system based on its ad-sales, indexing and what not to judge a result position. Also, that blog post is about a topic most web developers are interested in, so it should be expected to drive traffic.

In conclusion, I do not want to say that one search engine is better than another, but it seems the more people use one over the other, the better it gets. So until Microsoft can make its search engine as popular as Google’s, they will probably be producing less relevant results for the average researcher for some time to come.

Super Sweet Update (20/10/2009)

I just checked today and my blog post has hit number 1. Yipee!!!!!. It took about 3 months, but that was a fun ride. I wonder if I should be popping champagne? Also, there is this sweet video showing a sneak peak of an upcoming Dreamweaver (probably CS5 or CS6).

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Bing vs Google Search (Results Comparison)

  1. It is nice that you have been monitoring your traffic source. Now the question that most SEOs would ask is: are you making good use of those traffic? If the answer is no, then you should explore some sort of online ads.

    Good luck

    1. Well Helen, thanks for the heads up. I will certainly looking into doing more with my traffic.

      Anyways, great blog, it certainly has a lot of tips to get someone like me started in making money from my blog.

  2. Traffic has always been the major source of revenue for most bloggers – including the big boys. You have to look around and see how to go about it and see if you can learn one thing or two from them.

    Nice blog BTW 🙂

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