KAN CMS Alpha 2 Is All About Components

Java Applet Source Code Editor

KAN CMS development is still on going, and we are headed for a new alpha release, with focus this time on Components. We are trying very hard to make Components an easier to use feature with KAN with the addition all several new features and a couple of changes to the existing system, API and platform.

Top new features in the components section include:

  • Moved the implementation of components from the old flat file system to a database driven approach
  • Addition of the new Components section in the CMS
  • Addition of a new source code editor for component code. This is powered by a Java Applet, which makes it possible to do a whole lot more with the code, as well as the provision of nifty syntax highlighting for all file types, include PHP, CSS, Javascript and HTML
  • Addition of a new folder structure browser features, which would allow you to browse all the contents of a specific folder and related files and provide an easy means to edit them.
  • All new default components including Feedback, Google Search Field and Results Page

    Several other changes in other areas of the CMS include the on going work to make it possible to use components as page content when creating pages or sub pages. With this addition, it will now be possible to create pages in several ways:

    • Using Static HTML Content
    • PHP Code (may include components)
    • A full page component or
    • Redirect To Alternative content

      This we believe would greatly broaden the way KAN is used, and would make extending KAN a breeze.

      Currently, the major challenge, which may not make it to the final release at the end of April, is a ability to easily extend the CMS section itself with new management tools. This will be looked at in later version of KAN. This actually requires a semi re-write of the current CMS section to include this feature, but it is not an insurmountable task.

      Another thing in consideration, is to move the News, Events and Downloads features from their currently theme implemented nature and to also make them generalised components, so as to make their use across multiple sub-sites easier. The challenge with this however, would be to come up with a suitable way of defining the CSS for these components, so that all themes would just need to implement those CSS definitions. Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.

      The future of KAN indeed looks bright, but we have several things to do before we are anywhere as good as the current champs Joomla and Drupal. However, we have a goal and we will stick to it.

      5 thoughts on “KAN CMS Alpha 2 Is All About Components

      1. More grease to your elbow. I know you are really working hard at this and it surely gonna pay off. KAN will get there, WordPress, Joomla etc all started small projects as this. In no tyme, KAN will be the preffered in Africa and beyond.

      2. Great work with the knust website.But the interface looks more like stanford university website.
        Did they copy us or we copied from them.

      3. @Alloy: Thanks for the compliment, but I did not develop the current theme for the KNUST site, that was done by Samson, one of the immediate past TAs (2009/2010). And as for the design being similar to Stanford, you can accredit that idea to the current KNUST Webmaster. He love’s their work.

      4. hello, great work for he moment, but where i can find documentation to use kan and component with beta 2 please. thank you

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