My First Blue Screen Of Death On Windows 7

Nice to know Windows will always be windows. I say this because just recently I had my first Blue Screen of Death. After almost 3 months of using my fresh new laptop without a hassle, Windows finally choked and gaggled, and finally collapsed on me with a non-fatal stroke. But before you go bashing Windows for being a crappy OS, I must say that this was really my fault to some extent, and I am proud of it. So what did I do? I simply pushed the OS to it limits and it had to choke. Here is the list of applications and peripherals running at the time of the crash:


  • Windows Explorer (6+ Windows)
  • Windows Media Player
  • Sticky Notes
  • NotePad2 (3+ Instances)
  • Internet Explorer 8 (6+ tabs)
  • Dreamweaver CS4 (8+ tabs)
  • Opera 10.5 (7+ tabs)
  • Navicat MySQL Lite (4+ tabs)
  • Microsoft Excel (3+ Instances)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 (2 Instances)
  • Skype (6+ Windows)
  • Microsoft Word (3+ Instances)
  • WinSCP (1 Session)
  • Remote Desktop Connection (1 Session)
  • Trend Micro Antivirus
  • A host of OEM junk that come pre-installed with the laptop
  • Virtual Box  – WinXP (1 instance)
  • Several Background Services (Java based database servers, WebCam Utilities)
  • Download Managers (torrents anyone?)

Network Connections Running

  • Wireless
  • VPN over wireless


  • One Wired Mouse

Before the crash, I realised I had not SHUTDOWN the system in over a week. I just Hibernated whenever I was done. As I was pondering this over, the system began to jerk so I decided to check my RAM usage and lo and behold, I was at 4390MB page file usage and 2.97/4.0 GB of RAM . I smiled and chuckled that “I just might cause this system to get a BSOD” and then, BAM! BSOD! The system recovered exceptionally well, with a gentle count down to clear the system RAM and the a quick re-boot and I was back in business. The system even noticed that “It Shutdown Unexpectedly” and offered to check if there was a solution to its bad behavior. Unfortunately, there was none as at the time it decided to phone home. I just thank God this was not a fatal BSOD. It also made me aware that despite all the polish that Microsoft have put on top of their legacy code, it is still MS-DOS that runs under the hood, and is still likely to get a BSOD if not well handled. That said, I LOVE WINDOWS 7. Linux, your time will come, but not now (at least for me).

5 thoughts on “My First Blue Screen Of Death On Windows 7

  1. Huh, its really funny the it is still the old blue screen. I had my first BSOD about a month ago ( I have used it for about about 7months). I wanted to create a local connection to another computer but the dynamic IP addressing wasn’t working well for me so i decided to configure it manually. And anytime I connected to the other machine it just show me the Death Screen. I don’t recall the programs I was running at the time but I managed to connect to the other computer via wireless connection. Well, Win7 is far better than Vista and down(Xp, etc). Hey IceWalker, what was this that I was hearing about Win8? Can’t figure it out yet, does it even make sense?

  2. Well there are rumors going around, but they are just that, rumors. Microsfot just released Windows 7, and they have not yet reaped the benefits of the efforts yet.

    Releasing Windows 8 now would a financial disaster because very (and I do mean very) few Cooperate Entities would even consider the upgrade, since Windows 7 works extremely well. Most of them haven’t even abandoned XP yet.

    Anyways, here is an article if you care to read:

  3. Windows 7 does not run on top of DOS at all. It runs on an NT kernel base. Windows separated from running on top of DOS way back with Windows XP.

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