KAN CMS 1.0 Beta RC 1 Released

Today the first beta release candidate for KAN CMS was made available for download from the project website. This release contains a truck load of new features since the first KAN CMS 1.0 Alpha release. From the project site:

Huge update to Core KAN functionalities. This commit brings a huge change to the way site are loaded, with an API change. Original KAN implementations loaded sites via the /pages/site_selector.php, however, this was changed in the last commit to /managers/SiteManager.php and has once again been changed to /managers/SiteLoader.php with the introduction of the new /managers/SitesManager.php class. The SitesManager is intended to provide a more flexible and object oriented way of accessing and updating site information.This commit also brings several other changes to the /cms/ directory. Now all utility scripts, such del.php, move.php and fileUpload.php have been moved to the /cms/utils/ folder in order to clean up the folder structures a bit.

A new functionality – Site Statistics – has also been introduced under the Sites Home menu for the CMS. This provides super simple page visit statistics within KAN for a quick performance check on how well a site is performing. This feature is expected to improve in newer versions of the application. This also brings a new manager library class, /managers/StatsManager.php, which is now included in the various /pages/ files to track visits. Statistics can be enabled/disabled via a change in the system_settings database table. Statistic tracking for local KAN installs is disabled by default, but can also be enabled in the system_settings tables. A UI for system_settings is expected soon.

Finally, more instant Help Tips (accessible via the auto generated help icons) have also been added. These went for fileUpload fields and a few Component Manager fields.

Over next couple weeks more updates should be made available as we draw steadily closer to the first official KAN CMS 1.0 release. Before then more input, comments and testing is required to make this the product that it ought to be.

JavaFX 1.3 Adds New Features and Fixes My Pet Peave

Oracle recently released JavaFX 1.3 and this comes with many fixes, but my favorite little fix is the damn JS sniffing code used by the JavaFX javascript. This has now been updated to enable Opera browsers above 10.5 to detect and load JavaFX applets.

Aside that, I think release has finally piqued my interest in JavaFX and I am planning an uptake when Netbeans 6.9 is released.