Using JSON in Java Swing

After months of working with PHP and AJAX, I finally found time and a reason to go back to Java Swing. This simple application, made at a friend’s request, enables one to determine his/her Ghanaian name based on their date of birth. With all the time I have spent working with PHP and AJAX, I have come to love the JSON data exchange format and I simply could not pass up the opportunity to see how it performs and works with my latest Java Swing incarnation. The application also includes the new Swing Task Dialog component and makes use of the Joda Time API.  Continue reading “Using JSON in Java Swing”

Dreamweaver CS5: Adobe’s Gamble

Sometime last year, I after using Dreamweaver CS4, I made several wishes as to what I would have loved to see in CS5. Others read that post and also added their own wishes to the list. However, Adobe have taken a gamble with this release with respect to new features,  so with a trail copy of CS5 in hand, let’s see which of the wishes made it in, and which one’s Adobe chose to gamble with. Continue reading “Dreamweaver CS5: Adobe’s Gamble”

Spot The Difference: UI Improvements for KAN CMS 1.0

KAN CMS is still in much development at the moment, and the latest release focuses on fixing existing bugs and updating the general outlook of the Content Manager interface. As can be seen from the screen shots below, the original KNUST Feedback Manager has seriously been improved. Also, the entire CMS UI has been revamped a bit.

Can you spot the differences? (Indicate what you see in the comments)

Current KNUST KAN Installation

Original KNUST KAN Feedback Manager

KAN CMS Beta RC 2 UI Improvements

KAN CMS 1.0 Beta RC 2 UI Improvements - Feedback Manager

Development is still ongoing, but you can head over to the Google Project Site and download the latest release candidate. Note though, that this is a development build, and some things are definately not going to work as expected. Also some of the current reported issues on the site are yet to be fixed. But all in all, we headed for a great final release in July

Internet Explorer 9 Will Be My Second Favourite Browser

As  a designer or developer, you need tools that inspire you to work or create, and few of our tools provide the inspiration we need at times. One of our major tools when it comes to web development is the browser and one needs to use a browser that inspires innovation, design wise. Internet Explorer 8 is one such browser. Continue reading “Internet Explorer 9 Will Be My Second Favourite Browser”