So You Don’t Like Facebook’s Small Font? Here’s A Solution

With the recent re-design on facebook things have changed quite a bit and one of them is the font-size of the News Feed. I personally don’t like the small font size and I hate to strain my eyes. So here is a 3 minute, 3 step solution to get your News Feed looking nice and dandy.

Step 1 – Launch Opera Browser

Wait! What? Sorry, so you don’t use the Opera browser, then this tip might not work for you. However, I would recommend you download and install it. You just might like it for more than a Facebook font fix. You can download the most recent version from

So if you just downloaded and installed the Opera browser, or you have previously installed, launch the application and navigate to the Facebook website, login and get yourself settled.

Step 2 – Launch Notepad or a nice Text Editor

Next we need to do a bit of web re-design on the facebook website so we get the font size we prefer for our News Feed. Simply copy and paste the following piece of code in your text editor window:

.uiStream .uiStreamMessage {
   color: #000000;
   font-size: 13px !important;
   font-weight: 400;

Now save this piece of code as “fb-font-fix.css”, i.e. go to File -> Save As or hit CTRL-S on Windows or the corresponding triggers on your OS. Navigate and save this file to a convenient location, e.g. your Documents Folder.

Step 3 – Redefine Your Facebook Experience

Now go back to your Facebook page in your Opera browser and do the following:

  • Right Click to get the context menu and choose “Edit Site Preferences”.
  • In the popup dialog that appears choose the “Display” tab.
  • Locate the section label “My Style Sheet”
  • Use the file browser button to locate your “fb-font-fix.css” file on your system.
  • Now choose OK to complete the process

You are done, so hit the REFRESH button or F5 on your keyboard and watch the magic happen. You just saved yourself a few bucks in medical bills for an eye check up due to visual strain.

This process can be applied to any site you feel is not displaying correctly due to negligence from either the Site Developer or the Browser maker. But it is a bit difficult to make more than just simple modifications, so be warned, it is not a walk in the park when trying to modify someone’s month’s worth of work. Also, note the use of the “!important” declaration in the CSS, since this required to override anything that the site developer may have put in place currently.

Do you have a work around for other browsers? Feel free to post them in comments for the benefit of all.

Happy Browsing y’all.

4 thoughts on “So You Don’t Like Facebook’s Small Font? Here’s A Solution

  1. nice one der. ICE MAN. tanx 4 saving me a few bucks in medical bills for an eye check up due to visual strain. haha

  2. This is most excellent! I’m not usually one for bothering with Opera tweaks, but this is very worthwhile. Thanks!

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