Oracle Did Not Get The Memo About Annoying Users

Oracle recently release Netbeans 7.1 Beta and JavaFX 2.0 and made them available for download from I managed to get the download for Netbeans 7.1 Beta last night without fuss and completed the installation, also without fuss. I expected the JavaFX SDK to be bundled, but it was not.

Trying to download the SDK has become an exercise in futility as I’m presented with Login screens, failed login attempts, password resets and lastly server error pages. Switching browsers from Opera to IE gave me more than an error page and at least enabled me to access my Oracle accounts to reset my password, but the download for the JavaFX 2.0 still gives me an error message at the time of writing.

Whiles struggling with all this, I took time to read the introduction to FXML development for JavaFX 2.0 and compared it to Javascript /XAML development for the Win 8 applications and realized a vast similarities. It would be interesting to see which is the dominant application platform a year from now.

Oracle need to understand that if they want people (developers) to adopt a product they need to make it available without hassle, and then provide compelling services on their website where people can choose to register to be a part of. Even Microsoft are giving away downloads of the Win 8 OS without the need for an account. Oracle need to step up and move away from bureaucratic thinking and get with the programme.

Enough ranting, going back to try the download again.