L & F Concept. Can This Be Done In Java Today?

Windows 8 Desktop UI Concept

I came across an awesome UI Concept for what could have been the desktop UI for Windows 8 yesterday whiles reading around on the Windows 8 blog. I immediately fell in love with the UI and personally WISHED this is what Microsoft should have come up with along side Metro as an upgrade to the Windows Desktop Experience.

After drooling over the UI for God knows how long and reading up on the comments, I asked myself, “How easily can such a UI be created for a Java Desktop (Swing/JavaFX) Application?”

I’ve taken the time to look around the Internet for Look and Feels for Java that come anywhere near this UI Concept and I have not found any as yet. I tried playing around briefly myself and realized the concept can be achieved but requires a bit of hard work (what doesn’t).

All in all I think the UI Concept is just the bomb, and personally I would be glad if Synthetica or Substance L&F had such a theme. It would be serious hit in my opinion.

Let me know in the comments what you think about this UI concept as well as the potential for coming up with something this stunning for a Java Swing/JavaFX application today.

4 thoughts on “L & F Concept. Can This Be Done In Java Today?

  1. Sun/Oracle would have been better spending efforts on native widgets (AWT), they chosen path to create and maintain their own rather than playing catch-up to OS widgets changes.
    I wish with JavaFX they deliver close to native LNF by default or make it much easier to create one.

  2. This theme is really inspired by Google+ UI. Not sure to like it. At least for new google UI, it fail to be praticable and usable.

  3. I agree with Nicolas, Its very inspired by Google UI Gmail, Google+ etc.

    But I think is way better this design than what Windows 8 Consumer Preview looks right now.

    I have been doing some Web design lately and I will tell you that using this design and some Wireframes with jQuery/javascript and Css3, HTML5 you could build this GUI.

    Swing or AWT will be very hard to do it, I think with JavaFX2 and CSS is possible. just create a window and give some CSS magic and you will see.

    If I get some free time I will try to do it. But the key here is CSS. Animations are easy with jQuery or JavaFX2.

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