Words With Friends Fixed In Opera 12.50

I’ve not been a long time player of the game but I noted that for a long time in the past, the web version of the popular Facebook game by Zynga had been broken in Opera. Not sure who made the fix, but as at Opera 12.50 pre-alpha the game works . 

Words With Friends

The long standing issue seemed to be a bug in the way Drag and Drop was being handled by the game. When tiles were moved from the rack, they disappeared from under the mouse, and could not be placed on the board. 

Opera 12.50 has seen loads of fixes to their Drag and Drop implementations so perhaps that has been the source of the fix for this issue.  

Anyway, back to gaming and taking down people in a battle of words 

2 thoughts on “Words With Friends Fixed In Opera 12.50

  1. As of 1/3/13 I still cannot get Word With Friends on my newly downloaded Opera browser. I’m sure it’s the latest version. Also having trouble on alternate IE.

    1. The current version of the Opera, i.e 12.12 still does not have the needed core engine fixes to enable you use Words With Friends. The fixes were made to the yet to be released Opera 12.50, which debuted in August of last year. The release was however not made due to several problems with Hardware Acceleration and some HTML5 performance issues, and the team instead halted development to focus their efforts on fixing critical bugs and security flaws in the then Opera 12.01 release.

      You may download the pre-release version of Opera – Opera Next 12.50 – and give Words With Friends a try. Download available here: http://my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/2012/08/28/core

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