Francis Adu-GyamfiThe name is Francis Adu-Gyamfi, a Web and Software developer, with a BSc degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

This site is basically about most of my current work and also a place to let off some steam with respect to some of the nonsense I see being produced in terms of web and software products. I hope this blog catches on and that I can keep up the jazz I myself keep putting up.

My current areas of expertise include: PHP based web development (with all the bells and whistles included, ie Javascript, AJAX, CSS, Java, Flash) and Java based Software Development (with most of the bells and whistles included, ie Java SE, Java DB, Java2D)

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Mr Adu-Gyamfi,
    You are my man. I dont know what you are doing right now but i think the time has come for me to start talking to you. I currently have a lot of time on my hand until i find o job or not. Hope you are well.

    Sosthenes Kosi Segbedzi

  2. Hi, howz life after nat. service? if u still have my num , please holla cos i lost ur num.
    i’m glad, i’ve finally been able to visit ur blog. not bad!! not bad!!

    Felix G Yemetey, chief herbalist

  3. Hi ice, iz been long! I have not been seeing at the ICT centre bcos u ve finished ur service. But I really need your advice on a project I am embarking on. Actually, it’s a blog and i want you to review/ check it out for me. Also I ve downloaded ur CMS – KAN – and am gonna check it out.

    I really need u contact me.

    1. I’m glad you got in touch, however, I’m not sure where the blog you are talking about is. Please post the URL so I take a look at it.

      1. PLS it’s not ready yet although its online. I am now writing the content. I want to blog about computers, I will be glad if you could help me with more possible content and also talk about the design.

        check it out here; http://compblog.6te.net

  4. hi francis,
    good to see you still at work.
    well, i’ll be very grateful if you could review my project site for me [http://dgps.knust.edu.gh]. i guess you remember the DGPS@KNUST application i contacted you about
    you could send your comments to me via my email eoaddai@gmail.com or dgpsknust@gmail.com

    kudos on your application.

  5. Hi Francis,

    First of all, nice blog. I have a request upon an article which also might catch your interest. Which java web framework would you consider the best to fit with morphia respectively mongodb?

    One main goal would be to keep one programming language over the whole project. I took a look at Vaadin, which seems to fit best. Although I haven’t found decent articles concerning that topic (Vaadin-mongodb-morphia or a project example on github). My approach would be to have a pattern which let’s you instanciate ui components and extend them with a powerful data-binding method, such as which collection, how many data (filter) with various ways to sort them.

    With this topic coming up, you might also consider taking a look at Gson and Guice (DI). I hope that your head is also beginning to bloat with several ideas with those technologies.

    Happy coding, brother

  6. God bless you Sir Francis. Keep up your good work. Our nation needs more of us to move forward. I appreciate your work. Don’t despise your small beginnings. Only God knows what the big guys out there had to start. Keep it up dear. I love you.

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