Whisper App Stole My Space

Just deleted the Whisper App from my Android phone and recovered over 2.5 GB worth of space.
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Arrow’s John Diggle: Gangbuster

For season 4 of the Arrow, one of its regular cast John Diggle is getting an upgrade. Pictures on the internet going around showcasing his new uniform and helmet have many speculating as to what comic book character he would be portraying. Several names have been dropped including Green Lantern or Guardian, however my money is on the character Gangbuster.


His name is the comics is Jose Delgado and he has no known super powers, just good combat and martial arts skills. The initials of his name are the same as John Diggle (J. D.) and given their similar skills, initials and helmet appearance, I believe we can conclude this is the route the show might be taking. We wait to see if his new name would be dropped in the first episode of the show or not.

U.S. Marshals had flight diverted mid-way high over the Atlantic on Lagos-Atlanta flight because of bombs! – Engineer Samuel, A Passenger

U.S. Marshals had flight diverted mid-way high over the Atlantic on Lagos-Atlanta flight because of bombs! – Engineer Samuel, A Passenger.

This is an interesting situation. I wonder how the US Marshals did not arrest the bomb carrying passengers long before they boarded the flight instead. Perhaps they wanted more evidence before making the arrest.

We’ll perhaps until I find a corroborating story, I might have to accept this for what it is.

When A Game Stops Being A Game

There are 1000s of games released each month to all the various game platforms but I seriously believe that soon, no new game will be able to achieve the great cult status of games such as the SNES titles like Mario and others like it from the late 1980s and 90s. The reason I believe this is so is because too many games these days, stop being games in a relatively short amount of time and become a daily chore. People don’t like doing chores, so if your game becomes one, then it will soon be forgotten. Continue reading “When A Game Stops Being A Game”

CakePHP Multiple Applications On A Single Server


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Opera Browser Gradually Regaining Lost Market Share


Opera Browser has always had a position in the Top 5 browsers in the browser wars (a game which has died down significantly in recent times) but has never held the top spot overall globally. That position has been held by Internet Explorer and more recently Chrome. Even worse for the little engine that could was the fact that over the past year or more, they have had to change their core rendering engine in favor of Chromium/Blink in order to keep up with Chrome, and in the process lost a large chunk of their market share. They plummeted from a global 2.2% position all the way down to approximately 1.01% according to figures from http://gs.statcounter.com.

Opera however have tried and fought back with their redeveloped browser and are gradually regaining much of the lost market share and currently hold a 1.39% of that pie. The browser is pretty decent but it has very tough competition against all the other existing players and without a current version for Linux, they can only hope to gain users on Windows and Mac. Also, current users cannot help but keep lambasting the development team for lack of requested features such as bookmark functionality similar to what was in the previous Opera 12.x versions. The team have promised to deliver however and here’s to hoping they do so rather than later, since they will be releasing the 23rd version of the browser in coming months without that functionality included.

We will keep our fingers crossed and hope the little engine that could, will keep chugging along until it regains its 2% global market share again.