Using JSON in Java Swing

After months of working with PHP and AJAX, I finally found time and a reason to go back to Java Swing. This simple application, made at a friend’s request, enables one to determine his/her Ghanaian name based on their date of birth. With all the time I have spent working with PHP and AJAX, I have come to love the JSON data exchange format and I simply could not pass up the opportunity to see how it performs and works with my latest Java Swing incarnation. The application also includes the new Swing Task Dialog component and makes use of the Joda Time API.  Continue reading “Using JSON in Java Swing”

My Latest App Takes Wings

Membership Manager Plus V3 (Start Page)I’ve just deployed my latest application, a re-make of my previous application. It’s basically an organisation administration application, with all the basics of Member Data collections (with biometric and webcam support).

Membership Manager Plus V3 (Start Page)

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