Another Browser Rant – Opera

Just to re-echo why I love Opera so much, especially the current alpha release of 10:

  1. It is fast to start up (about four times faster that IE, twice faster than Firefox and Safari)
  2. t’s almost always reloads your last session from cache. Even if you closed the browser by accident, you never loose the vital information you were looking at or reading. I think it only fails to reload dynamic content when offline i.e. flash videos, applets and AJAX Content.
  3. Page load is faster (truely) than all other browsers with the same Internet connection speed (i.e. not glitches or breaks in connection). It is even especially faster with asynchronous calls (AJAX) compared to IE, FF or Safari.
  4. Lastly, it has spell-checking, very useful for what I’m doing now.

Perhaps I should start developing some widgets for it. My only beef so far is that I have not got its developer tools to work. Don’t know why, but I want to blame it on my connection speed, which is extremely terrible at times