I hate Microsoft’s SQL Management Studio With A Passion

Microsoft is known for producing some of the best “Client User” facing software in the world, e.g. Office 2007+, Windows XP+. However, when it comes to “Developer” facing tools, some of their products are down right crap. One such tool is the SQL Management Studio for MS SQL Server.

I’m currently using the Express Edition on my local system for some basic tasks, and sometimes some of these basic tasks can be so impeded it is mind boggling. One such task is exporting a Database table or a Result Set as  DML SQL Query, i.e. exporting the returned result set as automatically generated INSERT or UPDATE statements.

The language of databases is SQL and it surprises me that it takes so much from a tool like SSMS to generate such a basic thing. Other database platforms I have worked with including MySQL and JavaDB both have simple tools that enable you to get data exported in such fashion with no more than three clicks of the button. MySQL has the PHPMyAdmin interface, Navicat’s database access tools and several other tools that make it immediately possible to get your data exported as an SQL Query. JavaDB although with a smaller less mature tool set, has the Netbeans IDE with built in database management tools which can get your data exported in seconds. There are a host of other Java based tools for accessing the database which also get this done nicely.

I can’t for the life of me understand why Microsoft choose to provide a flagship tool for the database server, and make it so damn difficult to do such a basic thing. It peeves me that I need to launch Netbeans, make a database connection to which ever MSSQL Server just to get data exported, when Netbeans was not designed specifically to be a database front end tool. I don’t use the Full or Professional edition of SMSS but I can’t expect the process of getting a result set exported to an SQL Query to be any less difficult than in the express edition.

I doubt anyone from Microsoft will read this, but I think it is better to vent than to keep this all bottled up.