Would the Swing Team Consider?

I’m not one for official things, as I guess several people in the IT industry are so I have not bothered to proceed with the paper work on something I have been considering.
Down over the Sun Java Forum (http://forums.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=5395676) I posted a question recently about the Motif Look and Feel implementation in Java. Basically, I was wondering whether the Swing Team would consider removing it from the JRE Distribution and probably making a separate JAR download perhaps (or removing it completely in my opinion)

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My Latest App Takes Wings

Membership Manager Plus V3 (Start Page)I’ve just deployed my latest application, a re-make of my previous application. It’s basically an organisation administration application, with all the basics of Member Data collections (with biometric and webcam support).

Membership Manager Plus V3 (Start Page)

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