Ghana – The New English America

Ever since we decided to change or currency (okay like re-denominate), I have never ceased to be amazed by the new coins. Every time I pick up one, I can not seem to shake the feeling of using US coins with an English feel

The coins, have the general sizes of US coins, however not the same denominations, and surprisingly, we use Pesewas, so you sometimes feel the need to abbreviate and say something like 50p. (Then u start feeling British).

I must all in all, the re-denomination is a grand achievement in some respects, although it really is gonna take some getting use to, since I still cant seem to bring my lips to pronounce “Ghana Cedi” instead of the usual “Cedi” only. And many still refer the coins in the old 100 * 10 denominations.

I guess change is good, and indeed it is welcome. Nice to blog once more, have had time on my hands lately. To see what has been keeping me busy, check out:

Check out this site for more info on our re-denomination: