Avengers 4 Theory – Adam Warlock

After having seen Avengers: Infinity War and considering all the possibilities and watching lots of YouTube commentaries on the subject of Avengers 4, I have quick theory concerning Adam Warlock. Continue reading “Avengers 4 Theory – Adam Warlock”


Yahoo Rebuilds Their Email Portal With React

So today Yahoo started rolling out an updated version of their online email platform and by the looks of the source code, it has been rebuilt using the React JS Framework for the front end. Continue reading “Yahoo Rebuilds Their Email Portal With React”

Determining Event KeyCode on Mobile Browser (Chrome, Android, Firefox)

Recently, I run into a very common issue with regards to determining the Event KeyCode when entering text into a textarea on a mobile device. This had me scratching my head for a good couple of hours, but eventually I managed to get a solution that works perfectly well on desktop and mobile for the same piece of code. Continue reading “Determining Event KeyCode on Mobile Browser (Chrome, Android, Firefox)”

SOTN: Payment Platforms In Ghana

Times they are a changing in Ghana, as we slowly move towards are more cashless society and trying to adopt more electronic means of payments. It’s fun to see how different players are taking advantage of this new area to try and establish dominance in the space. Continue reading “SOTN: Payment Platforms In Ghana”

5 Things Learned Working On Memberz.Org

I’ve always had the passion for building great software and solving problems and one particular problem I’ve been trying to solve has been the lack of poor technology solutions around membership management in Ghana. I’ve built various versions of membership management softwares for small churches since 2005, each version getting better with time and experience. Continue reading “5 Things Learned Working On Memberz.Org”