My First Programming Language Was Javascript

Many people start off programming learning all sorts of things. Several years ago, the most common languages to start learning programming in were Basic and Visual Basic, then the advent of C, C++ and Java came, and they were the standard first languages to learn. However, for me, being mostly a self taught programmer, my first actual programming language was Javascript. That is if you can call it a programming language. I was just 14 then.

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My First Blue Screen Of Death On Windows 7

Nice to know Windows will always be windows. I say this because just recently I had my first Blue Screen of Death. After almost 3 months of using my fresh new laptop without a hassle, Windows finally choked and gaggled, and finally collapsed on me with a non-fatal stroke. But before you go bashing Windows for being a crappy OS, I must say that this was really my fault to some extent, and I am proud of it. So what did I do? I simply pushed the OS to it limits and it had to choke. Here is the list of applications and peripherals running at the time of the crash: Continue reading “My First Blue Screen Of Death On Windows 7”