Yahoo Does It Again

I must say, the guys and gals at Yahoo! are really working hard and this is on of the best things they’ve put up so far (after the new yahoo mail of course).

You now have applications running live from within your mail if you are using the new yahoo mail. Not sure if this feature has propagated back to the classic mail. I’m sure it should be an incentive to move people still running the old system to come on board. This post is currently being written from within the Word Press application, and this I must say is cool. There are a host of other cool applications such as Flickr, Photos, Share It and more, which you can add and remove at will.

I’m yet to fully play around with it, but my first impression is, it is WAY COOL

Java Applets Are Still Alive

Over the past year or so, I have been wondering about the state of Java Applets with respect to the whole web2.0 transformation and the current RIA war that is going on between the major RIA players. I kept wondering whether or not Applets could compete. Basically with the release of Java 6 update 10, some semblance of hope was brought back into applet development.

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