Sadly, I Must Go

All to soon my summer vacation has come to an end and I with deep sadness must return to campus to start another year of gruling academics persuits and all the stuff. It sad that I never really had much time to blog as I would expect (my hat’s off to guys like Markie who make it seem easy). My main aim of starting this blog was also not really fulfilled and that adds to my sadness even more. There was just too much stuff to deal with whenever I was online.

But I take comfort in the fact that I will be meeting friends, roommates and more, and all the fun and games will start again. This year I hope to make a difference academically and I pray it will go well.

There will also be the occasional drama activities and a whole lot more beauruecracy to deal with in the leadership aspect but those are the things that make the world go round. It will be fun I know and the stress, oh the stress. I can just imagine.

This then will end this blog entry, which may well be my last for a long time to come, since I will not have an active internet connection whiles on campus but there will always be the cafes and you never know, I just might pop in here to see what’s happening.

Have a good one ya’ll and stay blessed in every aspect of life.


Things You Should Try When In Ghana

Now for a little tourism note.

I just realised that no matter where you go, when you do travel there are some things you just must experience before you can say you have been somewhere, you get what I mean?

So these are just a few things I think you must experience or try out when in Ghana, starting from the bottom:

5. Top Ghanaian Cuisine:
The top most Ghanaian cuisine are the local dishes of the various traditional groups, No. 1 on my list in this section is Fufu from the Ashanti people.

4. Ghanaian Artifacts:
For the archeologically inclined, it is a great idea to search out some of the great sculptures and wood works around. Also, for the ladies, there is an array of beautiful cloths, jewellry and more made from priceless beads and skins.

3. The Great Tourist Attractions:
In this section there are hundreds of places to go, from beaches, to clubs, to ancient palaces, forests, gardens and wild life reserves. You are sure to get that Indiana Jones feeling when scaling up a 100ft mountian

2. The Local Politics:
When in Ghana and looking for a good laugh, you could either visit the comedy shows, watch a good movie or read the news papers. I find this particularly interesting cause as on of my friends pointed out, if you take an NPP baised paper and compare the same story to an NDC baised paper the captions would read something like:

  • NPP: Hurray! Kuffour Walks On Water
  • NDC: Arrogance, Kuffour Defies God 
That is assuming the sitting president did achieve such a feat.


1. This You Must Try
If ever in Ghana and you do not experience a
Blackout, then you must have been in Togo instead. Yes folks, blackouts are a trademark of Ghanaian living. These occur atleast once a day in some localities or less frequently in others. All the same it is worth experiencing cause when the lights go out, that when the fun begins. People come together and are no longer individualistic and glued to televisions and pcs, but the tend to share ideas, stories and meals. It such a fun experience to sit around candles or a fire and talk under the light of a full moon. Can be very romantic in some cases.

Alright that ends this note on tourism. I doubt I’ll do this again, but yo never know.

Old School Re-Union – Alien Style

Everything here is completely fictional
This new avatar sure got me thinking about the old question “Is there intelligent life out there?”. Okay just kidding!
By the way, the little green guy there is my new buddy, Sparks. We met at an old school re-union and I found out he’s the Ghanaian ambassador to Jupiter. He says life is good over there but not as much fun. He’s waiting for his term to run out so he can return back home for some well deserved R & R.
When asked when his term would expire, he calmly replied, “Next year on Jupiter. That’s about 300 hundred earth years from now.”
Go figure!