JWebPane, JMC and Swing Application Framework For JDK 7

Recently, is has been announced that the release of Java 7 and its reference implementation, JDK 7 has been delayed due to some unforeseen problems with language changes and other things. As such, it has been announced that Closures might just make it to JDK 7 since the time-line has been extended. In keeping with this, I was also wondering if the Swing team would work to push other new and in the works projects into JDK 7 before its release. These include JWebPane, Java Media Components (JMC) and the Swing Application FrameworkContinue reading “JWebPane, JMC and Swing Application Framework For JDK 7”

Beware of Job Placement Executives

Having been job hunting recently (and being hunted in return), I came across this article on the The Daily WTF site, and I thought is was worth a repost. The Shoe-In – The Daily WTF (Posted using ShareThis).

All I can say though, is beware a job placement executives. Just as much as you need a job, they also need to place you so they can get paid, and they might just exaggerate enough to get you the job, but you might also be placed in a situation you are not expecting at all.