JWebPane, JMC and Swing Application Framework For JDK 7

Recently, is has been announced that the release of Java 7 and its reference implementation, JDK 7 has been delayed due to some unforeseen problems with language changes and other things. As such, it has been announced that Closures might just make it to JDK 7 since the time-line has been extended. In keeping with this, I was also wondering if the Swing team would work to push other new and in the works projects into JDK 7 before its release. These include JWebPane, Java Media Components (JMC) and the Swing Application FrameworkContinue reading “JWebPane, JMC and Swing Application Framework For JDK 7”

Java vs Flash File Uploaders

I was using my Yahoo mail today and had to spend of most of the day attaching and sending some moderately large files to some colleagues, and I was seriously having a terrible time with it. Continue reading “Java vs Flash File Uploaders”

Beware of Job Placement Executives

Having been job hunting recently (and being hunted in return), I came across this article on the The Daily WTF site, and I thought is was worth a repost. The Shoe-In – The Daily WTF (Posted using ShareThis).

All I can say though, is beware a job placement executives. Just as much as you need a job, they also need to place you so they can get paid, and they might just exaggerate enough to get you the job, but you might also be placed in a situation you are not expecting at all.