Quantum Of Solace Was A Disappointment

I may be young but I guess I have seen my fair share of Bond flicks (from the early days of Shaun Connery to the latter days of Pierce Brosnan) and I must say Quantum of Solace was a disappointment by all standards. I must say though that there is one thing I liked, that was that the trend changed in terms of the General Bond Character presentation i.e.

  • Little dependence on Technology
  • More Aggressive with the ladies (not necessarily a good thing)
  • Little or no sarcasm

Sadly too, these are the very things that make Bond who is he is. The problem I had was not necessarily with the character presentation, but the storyline (and its presentation).

  • The action sequences were just too fast to be absorbed easily
  • The plot was not well defined via the characters speech, although it could be easily inferred from the general activity trend
  • The entire “Quantum” idea was not well presented (until probably the latter part of the flick where Bond actually mentions it)
  • The storyline was confusing with respect to the actual threat being stopped (was it the oil, the water, the bad guy, the US government or MI 6)
  • The intro segue (which is a hallmark of bond movies) was not captivating enough (length was adequate though). My roomie was half bored by the intro
  • The end of the movie does not leave one with the hope for another Bond flick, it ends on a way too dull note (and they try to pick it up again with the Bond stride and shot with blood drip, which did not bring back the interest anyway)
  • The Bond charm was missing in many ways and it rather seemed like Bond was more of a sex addict than a ladies’ man
  • The action sequences although cool left much to be desired, especially the end sequence

I have not taken note of the director and probably the producers, but I hope they are funded so they can try again, because I don’t think they got it right this time around. I know they will do better if they are given a second chance. The real essence of Bond must be restored if we are ever to hope for another Bond flick anytime soon. I do like the lead character though (despite the fact that half the Bond world hates him as far as I can tell) and I think if he is well groomed, he could do a better job the second time around.

And that was my review.