CakePHP Multiple Applications On A Single Server


CakePHP is a wonderful PHP framework, but it can be serious pain in the butt when trying to get a multi application setup working. This post is just a simple redirect to a forum thread that solved a problem I had been experiencing for over a month whiles in the testing phase of an app. Continue reading “CakePHP Multiple Applications On A Single Server”

Opera Browser Gradually Regaining Lost Market Share


Opera Browser has always had a position in the Top 5 browsers in the browser wars (a game which has died down significantly in recent times) but has never held the top spot overall globally. That position has been held by Internet Explorer and more recently Chrome. Even worse for the little engine that could was the fact that over the past year or more, they have had to change their core rendering engine in favor of Chromium/Blink in order to keep up with Chrome, and in the process lost a large chunk of their market share. They plummeted from a global 2.2% position all the way down to approximately 1.01% according to figures from

Opera however have tried and fought back with their redeveloped browser and are gradually regaining much of the lost market share and currently hold a 1.39% of that pie. The browser is pretty decent but it has very tough competition against all the other existing players and without a current version for Linux, they can only hope to gain users on Windows and Mac. Also, current users cannot help but keep lambasting the development team for lack of requested features such as bookmark functionality similar to what was in the previous Opera 12.x versions. The team have promised to deliver however and here’s to hoping they do so rather than later, since they will be releasing the 23rd version of the browser in coming months without that functionality included.

We will keep our fingers crossed and hope the little engine that could, will keep chugging along until it regains its 2% global market share again.